I teach in the areas of supply chain management, manufacturing sustainability, continuous improvement, theory of constraints (TOC), and project management. I have also taught Supply Chain Management and Project Management to various groups of corporate executives in China, Taiwan, and United States.

CBA, Kansas State University

  • MANGT 810 – Advanced Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MANGT 821 – Decision Analysis
  • MANGT 660 – Supply Chain Management
  • MANGT 653 – Business Project Management
  • MANGT 652 – Constraints Management and Continuous Improvement
  • MANGT 651 – Operations Strategy
  • MANGT 522 – Operations Planning and Control
  • MANGT 521 – Quantitative Management
  • MANGT 421 – Introduction to Operations Management

Distance Learning (Online) Courses, Kansas State University

  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Advanced Operations and Supply Chain Management

EMBA Programs, Taiwan & China2008 China Mobile SCM 005

  • Constraints Management & Continuous Improvement, Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan
  • Global Logistics Management, National Taiwan University – Science & Technology, Taiwan
  • Supply Chain Management, HK Polytech University & Zhejiang University, China
  • Operations Management,  HK Polytech University & Zhejiang University, China

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